Homepage of Gebabbel

Gebabbel is a Qt4.3 Frontend for the famous gpsbabel, a tool to convert GPS file formats back and forth. Gebabbel wraps the complexity of gpsbabel in a (hopefully) easy to use graphical user interface.

As of 20070712 Gebabbel is available as 0.3 beta. It's the third release of Gebabbel.

As of 20071104 a binary for Linux is provided. Use it if you get crashes when running Gebabbel on a Ubuntu box.

Help needed: The aforementioned crash appears on Ubuntu systems when compiling Gebabbel against the shipped version of Qt4. After starting Gebabbel, adding or editing items in the main lists will crash the application. It won't crash if I compile Qt4 by myself and build Gebabbel against it.

Due to the fact that I'm a hobbyist, I have no clue what actually happens. If you are more familiar with debugging, your help to hunt the bug mentioned above is much appreciated.

This release includes:

For Linux users, source code is provided. For Macintosh 10.4.x users (both Intel and PPC platforms), binaries are provided. A windows binary will be provided as soon as the beta stabilises.

If you want it to appear in your mother tongue, you should translate it. Please contact me at christeck add users dodd sourceforge dodd net.


Here are some preview screenshots of Gebabbel. First one taken from the main development platform, a Gentoo Linux driven box:

Though the main development platform is Linux, Gebabbel also runs on Mac OS X 10.4 (sorry, no prebuilt binary for Mac OS 10.3.9 available). The provided archive contains a universal binary that will run on both PowerPC-Macs as well as on Intel-Macs:

Gebabbel runs on Windows (Vista, XP, 2000 and ME) as well. All credits to Trolltech for their amazing cross platform Qt4 classes:

Gebabbel runs on a Nokia N810 if Qt4 is installed. All credits to Trolltech for their amazing cross platform Qt4 classes:



The releases 0.1, 0.2 and 0.3 are available via the download pages of Sourceforge.net


For Macintosh and Windows, binaries are provided:

Compilation Requirements

If you want to compile from the source, you need a development environment (compiler) installed:

Additionally, you need Qt 4.3 installed. Most Linux distros offer Qt4 devel packages. On the Mac, you need to download it from trolltech.com and compile it yourself. For Windows, Trolltech.com offers an easy to use installer, which also downloads and installes mingw if desired.